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I have installed Garmin's POI Loader software into my Win Xp machine. Created a folder and downloaded a file to it. When I start POI loader and attempt to transfer the file to Garmin I get an error message telling me the folder is empty. If I then go back and attempt to download the file again I get a message that the file already exists in that folder.
Where am I going wrong here?
Thank you in advance.


What did you download? Could

What did you download? Could it be a ZIP file? If it is a ZIP file, open and extract the content into the folder that you create.

Memory card for custome folder

I generally put the POI file in the custom folder which is my memory card. It ask for

Garmin device
Map source
Dustom folder


What files are in the folder?

You want to put the .csv and/or .gpx files into that folder. If you want associated sounds, then you would also include .mp3 or .wav files. When you launch POI Loader, be sure it is pointed at the folder you put these files into. That should work just fine.

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the other thing

is you tell POILoader to load the contents of the folder and not the files in the folder. When you do a browse, just point it to the folder.

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Doing nothing different I

Doing nothing different I tryed it again today and it worked.