Better Maps Source for GPS Coordinates - Google or Yahoo


When using GPS Visualizer for getting multiple GPS coordinates, which map source provides the better information as the source, Google or Yahoo? If you use both sources on different runs with the same data, they often give different coordinates.

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Toss Up

In my experience using them both, neither is perfect. Each one gets some locations right and other locations wrong.

I will usually check one against the other. If they both find the same coordinates, I leave it alone. But if they are different, then I start doing manual checks using MapQuest, MS S&T, Google search, company websites, anything else to try and verify the coordinates.

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Google Earth Review

It seems that Yahoo provides "real" coordinates for almost any address, whereas Google more frequently reports 0,-0.

But I usually check the coordinates out on Google Earth regardless. Check out the location for the casinos in Alaska on Google Earth...

MSN maps is my choice.

MSN maps is my choice.
For what it is worth.

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I second Google Earth. Very

I second Google Earth. Very accurate.