New Maps Ver830


New maps ver830 are available thru TT Home or

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What are the new improved

What are the new improved characteristics of these ver830 maps regarding the old ones?

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I have no idea. TT puts out

I have no idea. TT puts out new maps quarterly with updated roads and other corrections.

New maps

I hope they will have some of the major new roads in my area {Northern California}.

It is kind of a pain to be routed another way when you know there is a road that goes directly.

By the way, I took a trip to the coast this weekend and the IQ routing really seemed to work. Very little traffic.

The new "Brazil v8.30" was

The new "Brazil v8.30" was annoounced with this "new" feature:

connector roads: also includes the connected network of major roads that allows you seamless navigation throughout the country.

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More info on maps version 830

TomTom is now offering new map material for all their navigational systems. These maps are being released under version number 8.30.

The material is based on the Tele Atlas January realease (version 2009.01) In this release, just like with the former release, they used end-user feedback to determine changes in the road grid. This feedback had been offered by TomTom users, both in Europe and North America, who have reported errors or alterations in the map material via TomTom's Map Share technology.

hope it corrects the awful

hope it corrects the awful lot of poi location errors in and around chicago area. There are so many errors in poi like post office, fast food chains etc... I have made it a practice to call the number given with the poi to confirm the location! Most of the poi's with wrong location usually have a phone number that is non existent if you try calling that number!