My first Bug with New Magellan 1340


When going off route, sometimes it does not recalculate the new route on the fly, you have to reenter the route again.

It does it about 1 out of every 10 times

The car/pointer just sits there, the unit does not freeze, cause you can still select the route again under favorites or previous.

I would say it gets confused.

Yes, confused

RachelS wrote:

I would say it gets confused.

I think I would prefer that to what my Maestro 4250 does every so often on a re-route.....and that is to pick a route that is totally stupid.

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X

Magellan 1340

I switched from the Magellan 1212 to the 1340. That was a drastic mistake. The 1340 is hard to see on a sunny day and the voice is muffled.
I switched back to the 1212 which is a far better unit. Any other 1340 users out there?

Roadmate 1340 Screen

I've had the same experience with the screen. I'm debating about whether to return it because of that. The voice doesn't really bother me.
Another oddity with this unit is that the position on the screen is usually about 25-50 ft behind my actual position. Customer support said it was because of the interpolation they used for addressing.