Colorado Pillar


I have a pillar for the Colorado Pillar file. It is on Owl Creek Pass Road and was seen in the movie "True Grit". It is know as Chimney Rock. It is close to two counties, but I would consider it in Ouray County. Owl Creek Pass is one mile north of Ridgeway Colorado and head east. It is a dirt and gravel road with some washboard spots, but a car can go over it. Also there is a place on the way up to Owl Creek Pass where the final shootout in "True Grit" was shot.

-107.56216,38.160611,Chimney Rock,"Owl Creek Pass Road, Ouray County"

Colorado pillars

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Hope some people get go see this one. It is a beautiful are and the Chimney Rock is huge, and if you are a western movie fan you get to see where some of the "True Grit" move was filmed.

If you geocache, there is a geocache where they filmed the final shootout.