Garmin MXT ON NOKIA 5800


I have a problem with my speed camera alert on my GMXT 5.00.40. I tried to customized them by ading in the folder where i have my .csv file, a .bmp and .mp3 fle with the same name (the picture and sound are downloaded from this site). I have load them with POI Loader on my device. Until here everything OK, but when i pass a camera the only alert is a red or grey rectangle with biping sound alert. Where i go wrong?
Many thanks.

PS: in my .csv file my camera show something like this 25.561390,45.331870,"GATSO:@70"


Your phone has to have the ability to play .mp3s. If it doesn't but does play .wav files, you can change your .mp3 to a .wav.

It's nokia 5800 express

It's nokia 5800 express muzic. but what about icons?

Nokia 5800

R u sure it's Nokia 5800 music xpress.


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