Refurb Nuvi 200 $87 at


Yes, it's just a 200, no bells and whistles. But for $87 it's not a bad deal. I have no idea whether buying this "recertified" unit will let you get a free upgrade to the current map software. NOTE: this is advertised as a "one day special".

I'd post a link, but it would be several lines long. Go to and do a search for N82E16858108165 which is the item number.

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The Nuvi 200 will not hold

The Nuvi 200 will not hold the entire 2010 map update. Not enough internal memory.

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True but with an inexpensive sd card it will

A 2 gig card should be enough and they can be had pretty cheap.


The update software puts the

The update software puts the map file on the device and the remainder would go onto the SD card if installed.

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not such a deal

Newegg sold me my 250 for $99 with free shipping. It was new, not refurb, and the new hardware platform. Plenty of memory for map updates and POIs. It was a black Friday deal, but I've seen them sell the same thing this year at the same price. So while you could get a refurb 200 for a little less, I would avoid it and hold out for a new 250 (or better), it seems very likely that a deal on a 250 from Newegg will come around again.

You never know for sure why the refurb was returned or if it was really fixed, and it will have an older battery and maybe even the older hardware platform (and the software limitations that are linked to the older hardware).