Nuvi 660 intersection info?


I have just bought a Nuvi 660 FM and am still getting to know its features. I was interested to see that the green text bar at the top generally shows the name of side roads on the right as you pass them, and usually ignores ones on the left.

Am I correct? If so I imagine it's because this is more intuitive in countries which drive on the right. As we drive on the left here in UK it's slightly less convenient but not a big problem. Just wondering ...

Also, I don't suppose there is a setting to get it to speak those names is there?

Not sure

Yes, most of the time it shows the street on the right, but in my part of the US it is also the same street on the I haven't had your problem. If you want it to say the names you can go to your FM transmitter page. When that screen is up it will tell you the names on your radio. I don't know of another way to do it.

That is not a good solution, as you can't see the map...but the best I can do.


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