New Maps Question


I downloaded my one time free map update from garmin for a nuvi 205w.

was wondering if it is possible to also put those maps on my nuvi 200w?

can someone please advise?



Map updates are only valid for "one" unit.

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can you tell me how they or

can you tell me how they or it would know?

Activation Number

The activation number is associated with your GPS serial number/unique identifier.

unlock code

The maps that were unlocked for your nuvi were unlocked using that particular GPS's unique unit ID number...think of the unit ID as an electronic serial number. The unlock code generated by Garmin's unlock process will only work for the unit ID that the code was generated from. If you try to use the maps on another GPS unit, all you'll get is a "Can't Unlock Maps" error message and you won't have access to those maps on the other unit.

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