Is there a freeware POI creator



The article on manually crating a POI is good. However, I hate wqorking with spreadsheets. Does anyone know of a freeware software program that lets you easily create POIs?


You can use Notepad.

You can use Notepad.

Just put commas in between the fields.


I use POIedit, it is freeware.

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Free POI creator(s)

I use Google Earth to find and create a KML file with the POIs. I feed that into IGO POI Explorer (made for iGo POIs, but handy to convert from KML to CSV) and export as a CSV. Finally, I run that thru POI Validator from this web site. You can download the IGO POI Explorer here -

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POI Creator lets you create POIs over the web without downloading shareware- it also lets you search for relevant data.

POI Editor is another

POI Editor is another web-based one you can try. It doesn't seem to read the third column in the Garmin format most of the time, but I do like the drag and drop feature on what appears to be a Google map.

I use it to create or correct a few coordinates at a time and import them into my actual POI files, which are in .csv format.

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