I am looking to replace my C340. I already have a Nuvi 780 and I want another Nuvi that is preferably a widescreen and must have the capability to input lat/long coordinates. I am trying to keep to the low end of the price spectrum so I am not planning on another 700 series. What would you recommend?


Sounds like you would do fine with a 2xxW (e.g. 260W) or 2x5 (e.g. 255W) model. Personally I like the GUI on the 2x5 models better, but the 2xx may save you a few bucks.

If you can wait till May when the 1200 and 1300 series are released I would bet the prices on the 2x5 models will plummet as I suspect the 1200 and 1300 series are the replacements for the 2x5 series and they will be discontinued within a year (my opinion, no facts to back this up).


Have you priced the 750 lately. Not much more than then low end models.