GPI file to Street Pilot C330


I have purchased a POI list on a SDram chip. The file is in GPI format. The Streetpilot C330 does not accept anything in the SD slot other than maps and the POI loader program doesn't accept GPI format.

Can anyone tell me how I can upload the GPI file to the C330?




You need to load Custom POIs with POI Loader to the unit itself.

That unit will not read Custom POIs from the SD card. On that unit, the SD card is for supplemental maps only.

The unit has about 2MB of space for Custom POIs. You will be able to get approximately 15,000 to 20,000 Custom POIs in that amount of space.

You will not be able to put a pre-compiled Custom POI file to that unit.

c330 uses CSV

I also have a c330 unit and I use the POI loader from the Garmin website.

One suggestion I have is to try the program mentioned here:

to convert your GPI to CSV. Then use the POI loader from Garmin itself to load the CSV file into your c330. It will show them under Where to? > My locations > Custom POIs

I like to create my own CSV files in notepad (windows) and import them myself. I don't do much traveling but usually use mine to find out of the way fishing spots that I would not normally be able to find.

Garmin c330 w/ 2011 maps

Not for GPI

talikarni wrote:

One suggestion I have is to try the program mentioned here:

to convert your GPI to CSV.

I assume you were talking about TurboCCC's Extra POI Editor program with this link..

...afaik it won't handle a .gpi (Garmin compressed) file. It only works with .gpx, .csv, .kml, .ov2, and .mgln files.

..but throw down that challenge and he'll probably start work on it. grin

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I think that GPS Babel can read GPI files and convert them.

Might be beyond the technical capabilities of some users, though.