Future Map Updates Nuvi 200 too Small?


Nuvi 200 has only about 2g internal memory built in without SD Card.

To get my 2009 map updates I had to get with tech support as it was going to be slightly more than 2G on the internal memory.

We had to erase some of the voice and instruction files for foreign countries to gain enough room.

For future updates if I can not clear enough room on internal memory would adding an SD card allow me to load future maps.

Or will the operational software/maps only attempt loading onto the interal memory the unit came with, ingnoring my SD card for operational purposes.

Could I likey be s.o.l. when map updates go beyond my internal memory size.

SD Card works fine

An SD card works fine.

I have a 200W with the CNNT 2008 lower48 (928,816kb) and a CNNT 2009 Maryland (19,456kb) on it in the internal storage as well as a CNNT 2009.1 North America (1,068,000) on a 2gb SD card and all of them can be selected/deselected on the unit without problems.

It does seem to take longer than I remembered to boot, but I really think that's because I've been using my 765T a lot lately.

An after-post afterthought.. I'm not a Garmin expert and I think I remember seeing someplace that a 200 and a 200W may not have the same exact internals (processor?). Your experience on your 200 may differ. surprised

But, it's cheap enough these days to get an SD card and try, I suppose.

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2009.11 maps and still have about 1/2 GB free space

My 760 has only 2GB internal storage memory and I have not erased anything that it came with. I also have over 22,000 custom POI's loaded and the 2009.11 map update plus the world basemap and my 760 still has about 1/2 GB free space.

What do you have loaded that is taking up so much space?

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2009.11 map file is under 1.2GB

tsuvbvv wrote:

Nuvi 200 has only about 2g internal memory built in without SD Card.

To get my 2009 map updates I had to get with tech support as it was going to be slightly more than 2G on the internal memory...

As others have said, I'm not sure why there's a problem. Yes, the 2009.11 map update is close to a 2 GB download, but when run on a computer to put the updated map on the PC via Mapsource and to replace the map file in your nuvi, the 2009.11 current map file is under 1.2 GB in size.

I am only running about 1.5

I am only running about 1.5 gig now. Dont know why it was having problems when loading 2009 maps but they would not load until tech support had me remove the uneeded files.

I am just worried about future versions that will go beyond 2gb not the current versions.


the 200 is discontinued

the 200 is discontinued anyway :<


You guys have to remember that the original release nuvi 200 (NOT the one with the updated UI from the 2x5 series) is a 1GB memory unit. The maps on the unit were under the 1GB memory limit and came pre-installed with a limited "Lower 48 States" mapset. When I updated maps from v2008 to v2009 on my original 1GB nuvi 200, I had to remove all voice files (except English) and all extra vehicles (of which I only used the blue arrow) to get the "Lower 48 States" mapset to fit. Newer versions of the mapping install packages are compensating for these lower memory units by providing limited area mapsets predetermined by Garmin to fit in the 1GB units. I got the following Garmin limited area mapsets from the summary.xml files in the v2009.11 map install package:

1. ALL: Full Coverage of North America
2. Almost ALL: Canada + Border States
3. Almost ALL: Lower 49 States + PR
4. Almost ALL: East
5. Almost ALL: West
6. Almost ALL: Lower 49 States + PR NE
7. Almost ALL: Lower 49 States + PR NW
8. Almost ALL: Lower 49 States + PR SE
9. Almost ALL: Lower 49 States + PR SW

Upon installing these newer/larger maps to a limited memory 1GB unit, you can either either choose from one of Garmin's pre-determined smaller mapsets or use MapSource/MapInstall to chose for yourself what you want to send to the GPS.

I personally have never even had the need to have all of the US and Canada/Hawaii/Alaska residing on the unit...in fact, I've never been out of California for years. I'd expect having "only" half of the US on the unit (if you have a 1GB unit) would be sufficient for most users.

You can also look at it from this perspective; my first autonav unit was a Garmin GPS V that had only 19MB (yes, megabytes) of fixed memory for map storage. All I could fit on that unit was most of Southern California. To reload maps for a different area took about 45 minutes to 1 hour using the serial interface on the unit...assuming the transfer didn't error out part way through the process. shock

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New Map Question Nuvi 200

I recently installed the latest 2009 Map for my Garmin Nuvi 200. Lower 49 States + PR NE

I deleted a bunch of other language voice files so installation was not an issue.
In fact, I have see immediate improvements in the 2009 maps but now have an issue / question

I am taking a trip to the West Coast this week and notice the West Coast states (California, Washington) are not listed.

What do I do???????? Do I need to re-download the maps and choose a different option for all states? Also will installing a 2 GB memory card help?

Please help as I am leaving this week

Yes, an SD will help

When I had a 200 I had the contiguous 48 states, HI and PR on the nuvi and Canada and AK on the SD card.

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