Coming Soon Update 3.40 For 7x5t Series?


Ever since I updated to 3.30 I had noticed that about every 3rd time I put my 765t in the cradle the voice was the non TTS "American English". I would go to settings to change the voice back to "Jack" and all TTS voices were missing but after turning off the unit and turning it back on only Jack & Jill had returned. I looked at the files on the GPSr and all the voices are there. I called Garmin this morning to notify them saying it is more an annoyance that anything else and was told that the Software Engineers were aware of the problem and that a new update was due next week. From past experience you should take that with a grain of salt. Maybe there is hope for the other bugs being fixed too.


3.30 resolved a bunch of problems I had, specifically not being able to connect to WebUpdater without a hard reboot and the time it took to connect to my cell.

I haven't had the voice problem yet, but haven't been using it too much lately with the bad weather here.

Thanks for calling Garmin and letting them know about the problem. I'm sure they'll keep coming up with updates that will improve the unit.


Hopefully, they won't introduce new bugs with the new update.

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It would be interesting to findout if Garmin has lost a couple of Senior Engineers recently. Maybe the new hires changed precedures from previous leaders. It is always problem when new people come in with that "New Sherriff In Town" attitude, and just have to put their stamp on work unit and change things that have worked fine for years. It might explain why their new units software and all recent updates have not been fully tested before release.