Nuvi 660 BT SW downgrade...


Posted in another thread about an issue with the latest BT firmware upgrade, 3.40. Contacted Garmin, they sent me a file with version 3.10 which previously worked reliably until the upgrade.
I can't seem to get the Nuvi to downgrade the BT SW version, tried dragging the file as they suggested, doing the update from the moving average screen, removing the older files from the Nuvi to the PC, nothing will 'release' v 3.40! Even downgraded to v 4.60 and 4.50 of the 660 SW version, but I still have v 3.40 for the BT!
What am I doing wrong?

Nuvi 660


You should be careful when trying to downgrade models with bluetooth. When folks tried it with the 760 models they lost bluetooth entirely. Even Garmin wasn't able to fix the problem, the broken units had to be returned to Garmin for replacement.

There are detailed instructions on this site for downgrading firmware, but again be aware that it can break the bluetooth function.

Successful downgrade...

Happy to report that with instructions from Garmin and info. from other sites I successfully downgraded my BT SW to version 3.10 from 3.40. My problem of having the 'incoming call answer/ignore?' screen either not appearing or vanishing after 1 second is now gone. Repeatedly.
I wound up deleting all the files in the SWremote folder and installing only a fresh copy of 3.1 from the folks at Garmin, then running the update from the moving average screen that addresses the maintenance of Bluetooth software.
So I am running the latest SW version 4.70 along with the previous BT SW version 3.10.
I am once again a happy camper. grin

Nuvi 660