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I just downloaded 2 csv files (red light & speed cameras). Now I uploaded them to the POI loader, then loaded them onto my nuvi760. There was no sd card installed so I asume they went strait into the unit. I looked at the unit while it was loading the file & did not see any indication of it loading. I checked the unit after the loader said it was loaded but I didn't see any change, no folder or icon. Did I do this right or do I have to drive around to find out if the load was successful. Thanks for input.

Did you look here?

Where To
Custom POIs?

thank you for the quick

thank you for the quick reponse. Low & behold there they where. That's great. Thanks again

When you upload custom POIs...

When you upload custom POIs to your unit, you will not see the individual POI files listed in the file directory. The Uploader compiles them into one file (poi.gpi). That is why you need to upload all your POI files when you update them - if you only upload one new file, any of your old files will be deleted.

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