Garmin StreetPilot i3 /Battery


I was wondering. I read on the info package that came with my Garmin. That I need to keep a set of battery within the unit to save Custom Waypoints. But my question, How long do I have between battery changes to change out the battery before all the memory is depleted.
I don't think that was mentioned in the User Guide.

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i have Garmin i3 GPS

i am using Rechargable battery-2AA and i take them out all the time and never lost any mem yet
plus i got a 2GB mem SD Card and i copy all the CD Maps for NA,Plus most of the POI files and i still have lots of mem left...(whe i bought the Gramin i3GPS it only had a 128 SD men...)

also i updated from v2.70 to v3.30
i love my i3 it working and all...
hope this information is what you needed...

PS: i leave my Garmin i3GPS in the car hook in the cigar lighter always it keep charge that way all the time...

FYI The i3 does NOT charge

FYI The i3 does NOT charge batteries. I have had my i3 since Oct. 06 and still have the 2 alkalines that I installed back then. The i3 uses the batteries only when turned on and not plugged into a cigarette lighter or usb cable.


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