Hello Everyone

FIRST Thanks for all the info I have found for my Nuvi 2000! grin

Can someone point me in the right direction (No pun intended) with WebUpdater.
When I run it I get a list. Most are voices but there are 3 on top that I have a question about.
Localization Data, XML file
Text, nuvi 2 series, All languages
Text, Proximity Alerts, All languages
Does this mean that these files have changed question
What does this message reference
No change history was found for this update
Any help would be great and thanks to such a great site exclaim


Well when I use webupdater I normally am notified if my Garmin 760 has the most to up to date software. If it does not you have the option of downloading the most current software. If you do have the current software it will tell you if you if you would like updates on text or voice. If so you can pick and choose what you would like updated or you can skip it. I hope that helps any.


If you highlite the individual one it gives you the version update information, the ones that say no change history are just that, there is no update the version you have is the current one. There is no need to update the languages that you do not intend to use, but some have the update for all languages like the text for the proximity alerts and if you want the current update then let the updater run that change.


I have run all the updates listed with no problems on my nuvi 260W.I would recommend installing them.

I ran Webupdater on a WinXP

I ran Webupdater on a WinXP for a Nuvi 260W and managed to crash the Nuvi. "System Software Missing" wouldn't go away until I called Garmin, waited a long time to get a support representative and had firmware and a rgn file reloaded to the Nuvi.

I won't be using Webupdater again.