MapQuest, any easy way to get coordinates?


Hi. I'm looking to build a POI file. The local government agency that I'm getting addresses from has links to MapQuest for all of it's offices . However, I can't see any easy way on MapQuest to get GPS coordinates. I'm expecting that I'll have to cut each address into Google Earth and look up the coordinates there, but if there is an easy way to get the coordinates from MapQuest that I'm missing, that would be pretty helpful.

I should also mention, before anyone suggest that I use it, that I don't have Garmin's MapSource either. I have the Internet, Google Earth, and two year old versions of both Delorme and MS street software.

Don't Think So

I primarily use GE for my POIs since I don't have mapsource either. If it is an unusual location, I will sometimes use Yahoo Maps, Mapquest or MSS&T just to double-check that I have the right location.

Using Yahoo Maps, the lat & lon will be displayed in the resulting URL address bar of your browser.

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This might work

Take a look at this page, scroll down about 3/4 of the way and look for the instructions for MapQuest. Looks like you'll need to get a free plugin from Garmin.

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interesting, I missed that ...

TXRVer wrote:

Take a look at this page, scroll down about 3/4 of the way and look for the instructions for MapQuest. Looks like you'll need to get a free plugin from Garmin.

That is interesting and I missed it when I was looking. But it seems like it just uses Garmin Communicator to send the point using Garin's Communicator plug-in to the Favorites file. Still doesn't actually tell me the coordinates, which I need to build the POI file. While I could transfer each individual one to my favorites and then manually pick arart the current.gpx file to pick back out the coordinates, that seems like it may be even more work that just putting each address into Google Earth or some other mapping software. I may play with this a bit more, but it doesn't seems to the what I was hoping for.

Thanks to both of you though for your feedback. At least I know that I'm not overlooking something completely obvious and that the coordinates are right in front of me and I'm not seeing them. Hard to understand how a map oriented company couldn't realize that people might want the coordinates. Sure, I know the great unwashed masses will never use them, but the lowest common denominator is no reason to withhold them.


I don't use MapQuest, but there are a few utilities that will give the coordinates from Google Maps.

Mapquest/Google Maps

I don't know about Mapquest, but Google Maps, if you don't mind using it will give you coordinates if you go to "My Maps" and select the "Elevation Contours" applet. If you click on any location on the map it will give you coordinates and elevation, without having to open Google Earth.

thanks but ...

grush wrote:

I don't know about Mapquest, but Google Maps, if you don't mind using it....

I don't mind using it at all. What I tried to make clear in my original post was that the government pages that I'm going to be compiling this data from already has links to MapQuest, but not to Google or any other service that shows the coordinates. I expect I'll end up using some alternative service like Google earth or Google Maps (either are great), and cutting and pasting or even retyping each address into the alternative service. I just didn't want to do that if I could coax the coordinates out of MapSource.

why not just use a geocoding utility?

Why not just feed the addresses into a geocoding program that will batch process the addresses and spit out the coordinates? That's all that those web sites with links to MapQuest or Google are doing anyway - passing their address to the MapQuest geocoding API.

Search this site for geocoding discussions, and there are a lot of solutions to do that.

no reason

I have no objection to that either, but one way or another it looks like I'll have to take a few extra steps. Since there is already a link to MapQuest with the address passed it would have been cleaner if MQ just was willing to part with the coordinates without downloading them to the favorites file or other devices.

How to find MapQuest Coordinates (geocode: lat and long)

Hello Frovingslosh,
I was trying to find MapQuest Coordinates and finally found a way to do it.

Once you have the map of your address brought up in MapQuest, simply right click on the page and choose "View Source". Then search (Control-F in Windows) for the word "latlong" or, alternatively, "latitude" and then "longitude" on the view source page which opened in Notepad (Windows) and you should find it!

Note: If you've searched for more than one address recently, you may find more than one coordinate. So, just make sure you match up the coordinates to the correct addresses.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks Tim.

Wow, this works. Don't right click directly on the map but above. This is good to know.

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