Magellan Customer Service, Improving?



I have read all of the horror stories concerning their customer service, however I just had a great experience on Christmas day no less. I activated a new account for a 4250 that I gave my wife. When I went to activate the three months of traffic service the computer crashed right in the middle and I never got the code to type into the unit. And of course the web site will not provide it again. So I sent off an e-mail to customer service explaining the situation and within 2 hours I got a reply with the code included. Got to say I was impressed! Maybe a sign of sign of things to come?

And they followed up later.....

Now I am really impressed, I just got a follow up e-mail to check to ensure my problem was resolved. They provided an actual name to ask for in customer service, if I was still having issues.

Thats good to

Thats good to here I had the same unit you had and was having problem with aquiring the satilite when I contacted them they went thru all the trouble shooting on the phone and deemed it needed to be sent back. I decided to return it where I bought it and changed to the garmin instead, but they where very nice and also folloewd up to see when it would be sent. I e-mail them back and told them what I did and they still said well if you need anything just let them know.

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