Nuvi 255W vs Nuvi 265W


Sorry if this question is answered somewhere else on the forum but I have a quick question about the traffic subscription.

Does the 255W or the 265W BOTH come with LIFETIME TRAFFIC subscriptions?

Or maybe I should ask... Does the 255W have the same traffic capabilities as the 265WT?

I looked on the garmin site and the only differences it gives me when I "compare" them is that the bluetooth is not available on the 255W.


no traffic

the 255 does not come with traffic.

the 265 does

Thanks djs!

Thanks djs!


The 255, by buying a cable(around $90.00 with 1 year of service)will give you MSN Traffic and much more and no ads.

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I currently have the 660 and I'm more than happy with it but I was thinking about paying $60 for a lifetime subscription for the FM traffic with my GTM-20. I see that the 265W has it's FM traffic receiver integrated and is already lifetime but it got me thinking about the MSN Traffic... whether if it is better or about the same as the FM Traffic? Have any of you had experience with both?

MSN vs FM Traffic

I really think that it depends on the metro area you live in. In some areas FM is better, in part because of more reliable and wider coverage. In some cities MSN is because of the same reason.

I think that you have to look at a couple things:
- where do you travel, are all those metro areas covered by both services
- Cost - are you willing to pay extra for the MSN
- Coverage - how is the coverage in your area

MSN may be a little slower in getting the traffic to your unit because it sends all the other data as well. I do not know this as a fact because where I live msn does not provide traffic, just the weather / gas / movies. I am probably not going to renew my msn subscription. I spent that money on a 760 instead smile.


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Traffic Cable

I'll throw in a enthusiatic recommnedation. I have one with Garmin 255W in the SF bay area and it is great!! Won't leave home without it. Not only is the traffic data valuable (I commute in the bay area to as far east as Sacramento as far south as San Jose), but the ability to send destinations from my desktop computer to the Garmin is just wonderful - I hate fat fingering the Garmin.

I have to admit that I find the stock market quotes and stuff less less than useful - when I'm driving I'm getting that from KCBS, not playing with the GPS.

My wife liked the Movie feature however...

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