the "i wish i had gotten _____ instead" thread


Has it ever occured to you buying a certain something that you thought was THE top-of-the-line product and spent your money proudly only to find out later that if you ahd waited for a couple days you could have gotten a much better product with better features, etc. (so much for that deal) It happend to me with mp3 players among other things.

What GPS product do you have?
Do your recommend it?
If you WISH you could get another one, would you?
.. and what would it be? (considering and not considering the price)

A pedestrian is someone who thought there were a couple of gallons left in the tank.

I wish I had

Yes after getting my garmin 250w I thought it would have been nice to get one with voice recognition.


Tom Tom

After getting a Garmin nuvi 250 I'm thinking it would have been a lot smarter to get a Tom Tom for the same price. Yea, I knew I was going for low price and was giving up Text-to-speech to get the price, but I didn't realize that the Tom Tom would have let me add new roads to the current maps as a road is built. There is a fair amount of construction in my area, and with Garmin map updates being 2 years or more behind reality and the cost of maps being about or even higher than what I paid for the GPS, it just doesn't make sense to buy map updates when if you just buy a new unit you get "fresh" maps, a fresh battery and a fresh warranty.

I wish...

I bought a Garmin 260W and wish I had gotten one with Bluetooth. Like the 265WT.

Today, our Futureshop store

Today, our Futureshop store will be selling for the same price, the Garmin 255W and the 265WT. Go figure!