New flagship Navigon 8100T review Attempted by the New York Times


Below is a link to a article from "The Latest in Technology" column by David Pogue who writes for the New York Times. The unit he was going to review is the new flagship GPS model from Navigon that was just released in November.

The features of the new 8100t should have made for a very state of the art GPS unit that would put more pressure on the competition to provide something similar but it appears that it is falling short of doing that.

"Navigate Away From the Navigon 8100t"

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Very interesting. Thanks for this. While the 8100T looks fantastic, there seems to be a few problems that need to be sorted out. It also makes me question whether the NYT reviwer ever read the manual?

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Navigon 8100T Review

It sounds like he did read the manual and it was poorly written.

Some of the Garmin units also have the cord that plugs into the mount, not to the unit itself, but you can't mistake it, as it is not USB.

The only reviews I've read where the voice input really works well is the nuvi 8x0 series.

At any rate, the price is still fairly high and I'd wait for it to come down before I'd even consider it.

8100T Review

CNet just came out with a review. They didn't care for it too much either: