Adding map into my Nuvi 350?


I wanted to load maps for some local mountains where I go hiking. I learned from Garmin's website that they sell the topo maps for $116.

I was wondering if there is any other way to do it for free. I've added some POI's in the mountain areas. But it would be nice if there are some basic road/trail maps for the mountain since now it's entirely blank.

Is MapSource able to do it? (I just sent Garmin an email requesting for a copy)

Anyone familiar with this?

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If you have the coordinates

The nuvi 350 will display the POI at those coordinates on whatever basemap you have the 350 load.

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No Topo

I could be mistaken, but I don't believe that Garmin sells TOPO for the Nuvi series. If you have Mapsource, you can set a waypoint and upload it to your Nuvi. Nuvi is made to follow highways, however, and wouldn't be of much use for mountain hikers. About the only thing it would be good for is relocating a waypoint that is set prior to venturing into the woods so that one can find their way back out of the woods. This is a simple process. When exiting the vehicle, touch the screen, and save those coordinates as a waypoint. Turn the device off to save battery - place device in pocket. When you want to find your way back to the vehicle, pull the device out, turn it on and select that waypoint from your favorites. This will keep you headed in the right direction back to your vehicle. Without roads, however, it will provide a "straight-line" path back to those coordinates, but in any case should keep you from staying lost.......


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Yes, topo

PaintballCFO wrote:

I could be mistaken, but I don't believe that Garmin sells TOPO for the Nuvi series.

Garmin announced at CES that the entire Nuvi line would be able to use their Topo & BlueChart cartography - no timeline announced that I've seen...but I have seen mention in another forum where someone was using a Topo mapset on a Nuvi.

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Found a site ( that has maps for ski resorts usable on the nuvi. Their product is called SnowRanger. Says each resort map shows: Chairlifts, Trails, Terrain Parks, Lodges, Roads, forrest, contours, etc...

With some resorts opening up their facilities to summer activities (hiking, biking), it could be useful then too.

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