searching for POI's seems extremely slow


Hi. I just bought my first GPS (nuvi 265wt), and this is my first time posting. Thanks everyone for your POI databases - you've obviously invested a lot of time and energy, and I appreciate it.

I just downloaded a few .csv and .gpx files, with a combined total of only 1.9 MB (I think it's around 30,000 POI's). When I search for a POI by spelling the POI name, my nuvi shows the little hourglass icon and can literally take 1-2 minutes to find the POI. Is that typical?? Have I just loaded too many POI's? I didn't think 1.9 MB would be too much...

Any suggestions or comments welcome...

Rather than search by

Rather than search by spelling the name... you should be able to go to your Extras option and choose the type of POI you want...and it should show fairly quickly the nearest ones. You might want to also find out how to set up subfolders. I would think by asking your GPS to find a spelled name, that not only is it going through your 30,000 POIs....but the millions of POIs it comes with.


only searches 1 database

you can only search one database at a time : either the built-in POI's, or the custom files you load.

minimizing the search would help ... choose a location (using "near") and a subfolder/catagory.

perfect, thanks

Right. I didn't realize that custom points of interest are not installed under the "Points of Interest" button, but rather the "Extras" button. now everything makes sense.

It still takes forever to search by name for a POI, but that's just because it is searching the five million built-in POIs...


If it takes an extraordinary amount of time searching, that's more likely due to the database not finding anything matching within a close proximity rather than the size of the database.

Slow Search:)

Thanks from this new user. After using the extras icon my search was seconds. Amazing what a little reading can do.