POI Factory is the best


I wanted to thank all of you for the posts you have made. I have a zumo550 and wanted the Harley Stores in it but found out since Harley has a garmin tradmarked for them they wont put the stores in the common models. But thanks to you guy I have an updated list in zumo550. I also hated the favorites section because it list them all, but now i made poi's for work family harley stores ect. and it makes everything easier. I own a Sprint/Nextel store and I have posted your link on my counter for GPS help. you all are great and i will help out if i can...

Thanks again


DIDO that

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Thanks Rob, it is always nice to help other. I am glad that you found the site.

Miss POI

i just wanted to add thank ou

wow, this website is the best, thank you everyone.

I agree...

that POI Factory is the best!

Great database of POI's and very helpful people!

Hear hear!

Hear hear!

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Welcome rob1013, Great to have you with us.
This is a cool site.You will find a wealth of info here. grin

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re: Hear Hear!

kb2psm wrote:

Hear hear!

As a side note, this made me wonder what the origin of "hear hear" is.

I always thought it was "here here", but the former is correct.