Google maps and send to Garmin


I have set up Google Maps to do the "send to" to my Garmin 770, however, many times I am missing the send to option and just get an e-mail option.

If I restart Google Maps it then works OK? Getting tired of restarting any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?


you need to

you need to download garmin communicator plug in from their web site

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I don't use the direct Google sent to option because...

A) I think it sends it to your favorites, right?

and B) it only works for commercial addresses, not your own picked "spots".

So instead I use Google Maps to set up my custom maps, but then I use to send the Map to my Garmin. TakItWithMe can either send directly to your Garmin via the Garmin PlugIn and into your favorites. Or it can output a GPX file of your map and you can then send that to your Garmin via the POI loader as a Custom POI (my preference).

In addition, TakItWithMe allows me to geotag ANY location in Google Maps and send them to my Garmin.

With TakItWithMe and the GPX option, if you are having troubles with the Garmin Plugin or Google sending to the unit directly, you can avoid that completely.

Just a thought,

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Thank you both for your

Thank you both for your replies. I do have Communicator installed so it is nit a problem finding the Garmin. It is just that many times the option to send to garmin is not there only e-mail.

PT I will look at the site looks interesting


Try MapQuest it does the

Try MapQuest it does the same thing .Just search address or business and you will see send to gps.

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