Ramp Zoom Feature


First longer trip with my C580. Had it set on the 3 mile scale to show the names of cities and noticed that the scale automatically changed to 800' when on a highway ramp. What actually trigged the change? The lower speed or the location of a ramp? Just curious.

Also, noticed that when a route was being followed (i.e. turn by turn directions) then the minimum scale was 200'. Pressing "+" would show the 120' or 80' scale but only for a fraction of a second and then would automatically jump back to 200' scale. Why? In a city with lots of nearby side streets, the 120' scale might be nice. However, when just viewing the map (i.e. no turn by turn directions), both the 80' and 120' scales could be selected and stay there.


My experience

If the c580 is on a route, giving directions, you should notice a change in map zoom maybe a half mile or more before the turn. Mine will usually step down two or three times before I get there. This will not depend on the speed.

You can set the zoom for above 55-60 mph or below that range by selecting your desire when you are going that speed. I think that you really have 4 choices, with a route and without - high and low.

So in theory (what I think - my settings are 300 and .8 for both route/non route) as you slow below 55 or go above 60 you will change zoom level. If you come to a turn, then it will zoom in for that time and them go back.

I have not tried to go less than 300', as for me - always in track up - it works fine. It has been a great unit for me.


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