New here from NC


Just found this site and am overwhelmed with info...

Was looking for downloadable campgrounds poi's and found this

The Ultimate RV Parks & Campgrounds Directory

It's $49.95, do any of you have experience with it?

Any other recommendations?



Welcome to our community,

Welcome to our community, let me lead you to this thread before you spend those bucks.


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Hi and Welcome

Hi and welcome to the POI listing. The files found here are free. You will find all kinds of interest from NC and other states. Just type in North Carolina in the search to find what available in your area.

I'm a North Carolinian these days...

...and have been working on a couple of files that may be of interest to you. I mapped out, by driving, the entire Blue Ridge Parkway, and also pretty much all the road side trail heads, campgrounds and ranger stations in the Smokies. I've got an ongoing project of 'NC Recreation' which is an eclectic assortment of stuff, which includes various campgrounds in the state such as KOA's and Uwharrie, boat/kayak ramps, botanical gardens, and other stuff that turns me on. Almost all of the Blue Ridge and Smokies file are of stuff you won't find in a GPS POI file. Some of the NC Rec file is also unique and not in GPS'.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX too

I am also interested in your compilation.

I looked for NC Recreation but it appears the files are not as yet posted?

Thanks for your efforts! These files will be well used!

They're posted...

...they used to be under NC Recreation. But, now they're listed as North Carolina Recreation.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX