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Hello everyone. Been lurking for awhile. I finally got my Nuvi 750 the other day and can't put it down.. Thanks for everyones input. I was able to find answers to every question I have had.
I have been using GPS/DGPS for awhile now. I made the migration from LORAN and got to test some of the early chart plotters for boats. This is my first land based GPS and I couldn't be happier. Now, if only they could make the ones on my boats this easy to use.
I have even made my first POI file. I look forward to visiting this site often.


Welcome aboard. Ask as much as you want and make sure you read the "Getting Started and the FAQ" at the top of every page. So jump in the water is fine.

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boats313 wrote:

...can't put it down..

Aren't these things addictive? I find myself looking for opportunities (excuses) for creating even more POI's. My family thinks I'm nuts!

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Welcome to our "little" family.

Not doing anything worth a darn.


Welcome, it is so nice to have you with us. I am looking forward to watching your growth and learning process.

Miss POI

Welcome, boats313!

You will really enjoy your new Garmin GPS. It is like getting a new toy! This site is great and will be a great resource for your inquiries about using your GPS.


Welcome to this site.

I look forward to your questions and your answers.

Perhaps your nautical experiences will give the rest of us insights.

For example, I'm curious about the accuracy of nautical maps. What kind of mistakes, if any, did you find? What was missing?

Just a thought.

Anyway, welcome to this forum.

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Just what we need.. Another lurker...

Hey Eric, Do you use any of the blue chart maps from Garmin?

And welcome to the site fellow lurker.... shock

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Welcome to the Site, I'm a

Welcome to the Site, I'm a reasonably new member myself.

Nautical Charts

We use a variety of charting programs and DGPS equipment at work. Some of the charts are updated monthly, others every 6 months. We have the ability to make temporary corrections on the charts until the update arrives.
My current job is to maintain Aids to Navigation for the Cape Cod area. As soon as there is a change made to an Aid to Navigation, we send a broadcast message and then it is also published in a weekly notice to mariners, and again in an annual consolidated list. If we move a buoy a couple of yards, you will see an update. If we even move something temporarily, it is publicized.
Most of us got in the habit of correcting our paper charts every few weeks, so the electronic charts had to keep the same level of accuracy. It would be nice to have the same type of updates in the land units.
I have to keep a record on the position of each Aid for each time it is worked on. These records include the health of the satellite signals, weather, and a few other items. Most of the recreational products do not provide the data we require to maintain these records, so we use gear aimed at the professional mariner. The GPS has to be able to send the required data to our computer, so that the program we use will work.
Feel free to ask anything about the water side of things.

welcome to the site .

welcome to the site .


I'm new too...

Re: I'm new too......

deltoreo wrote:

I'm new too...

Hi deltoreo,

Welcome to our family...



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Welcome smile

I am new too =)

and I want to express my thanks to all those who created these wonderful POI files. I got my GPS for a month now and loving it wink My friend is jealous that I have so many custom POIs on my GPS

Spread the word!!

HL, welcome and tell you friend about us.

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