Buy With Confidence: Garmin(R) Offers nuMaps Guarantee

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Garmin Is Getting Desperate

Garmin's stock hasn't been doing well. So I guess now they have to resort to deceptive media releases!!

NuMaps guarantee is just a fancy phrase for something they have been doing all along. When you buy a new unit you have always been able to obtain the latest map updates within the first couple of months.

I have always been a faithful Garmin customer, but I don't like the direction they are taking. Too many models, questionable customer support, deceptive corporate tactics.

(shakes head and slowly walks off stage)

NuMaps is what they had been doing along...

This news probably just for marketing purpose.

Can't blame them!

Tom Tom has been advertising their "Latest Map Guarantee". I feel Garmin is doing the right thing. Even though this is something they have been doing for a long time, it doesn't hurt to shout it out -- especially if the competition is doing the same!

I love it when companies have to advertise somethings that should be taken for granted and give them trademark catchy names:

Introducing the Garmin Nuvi 12000

NEW! Plug-O-Matic Power Interface
Plugs into cigarette lighter!
NEW! ClearLanguage Chip
English voice!
NEW! WhatDoIdoNow? Alert!
Shows you next turn!
NEW! GarminHelper HotLine
Customer service now available!
NEW! ItWontBreakUntilOutofWarranty Certificate!
1 Year warranty!

Of course each item would have a custom trademarked logo to stamp on the box.

What's even sadder is when claims like these ARE new!