Only in America: Local oddities, Unusual Icons, monuments, memorials, statues, advertising


During a recent trip to the Midwest, my family and I passed statues of a giant cow, Paul Bunion, and a cow boy. We also saw a 1950s supersaber jet aircraft mounted for public display along the countryside, an archway bounded by giant eagles, a large obelisk on a hillside, a building that looked like a giant round of cheese. On other trips, we have seen a full scale b-52 bomber mounted for public display, a giant rocking chair, bunches of giant cow/steer statues, a stack of tractors mounted atop one another about 50 feet tall with the smallest on top and the largest on the bottom, and a line of vintage Catallacs stuck nose first in the ground like dominoes on edge.

This is Americana

Please sent me POI data on these things american, preferably a bit odd. Example can included larger than like statues of local or mythical heros, oversized objects like furniture, animals, widgets and the like, old war equipment memorials (mounted airplanes), historical markers citing something unusual, Unusual Architecture, Odd and BIG marking icons, etc

Please use this Format:
lat.(exp) 98.765432
Name of object
What is it
Nearby location (town or geographical interest)

Don't Duplicate...

Great topic - not sure if it's covered by the Offbeat Attractions POI. Might consider merging or supplementing the existing file???

non-native nutmegger

Los Gatos

Great idea!

In Los Gatos, CA there are a couple of statues representing "the Cats"...I will have to get the coordinates..

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I loaded the Off Beat Attractions

... file for my last trip. We stopped in New Brunswick, Canada to experience the Magnetic Hill which pulled my vehicle backwards uphill at about 20 mph and the world's largest lobster sitting on a sand dune. Cool stuff.

I set my proximity for 2 miles, Tom Thumbs Grave came up while passing and several other alerts which we didn't have time to visit. Only problem with this setting is multiple alerts occurring within some cities.

Project is already underway

There is already a project open for this type of thing.

See here:

If you find something missing please send it over to Bobkz to add to his files. Here is his link:

Miss POI

yep, that's what I

yep, that's what I thought...

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Maybe There Is a Distinction As Well As a Difference

This idea does seem to be like the "Off Beat Attractions". But, maybe there's an important distinction that Treydot might be highlighting. surprised

An example: I offered up three locations to the "Off Beat Attractions". Two charge entrance fees for adults and the little fry. But the third was free for all to see (a giant orange moose, a cartoonish mouse nibbling on cheese, and a realistic - though large - deer sprinting over a log).

I can't say I know what Treydot is aiming at here, but the things he named like Paul Bunyan (I hope he meant to include Babe the Blue Ox in that reference!) are likely for free. Seems to me that might be worth a separate POI.

Well, that's just an idea. Howzabout a separate POI for Off Beat Attractions that are free?

Dispose of that idea as you will. cool


P.S. Treydot: How say ye? question

Is there a distinction?

Thanks for the reply Greg,
I am fine with using an exisiting Project, but you are right, I am specifically not thinking of "Attractions", but rather those things you see just driving around the country - from the road.

Be sure to check out the Muffler Man!

Here is a great website that lists many oddities through the country sortable by state. Check it out when you want to see the unusual.