4x4 Trails


I think this would be a great POI. Maybe not the whole trail but trailheads. I have found a few and know a few more but some people seem to keep them a secret for some reason. If we don't get out on the trails that's when they close them.
Would anyone be willing to help with this?

If you can read this thank a teacher! If it's in English thank a Vet!


You may find some help here http://www.gpssledmaps.com/ I think it is a great idea. You may find that many people here are oriented towards navigating on roads, but I think that there is also a growing number of people using GPS for trails on ATVs, bicycles, snowmobiles, even horseback riding. I have an ATV and horses, but I don't have a GPS for those applications, yet. I was on an ATV trip recently in northern Minnesota and the trail ran along an old Soo Line Railroad line. There were definitely times during that trip that I wondered where I was and how long until I could stop for fuel or food. I am sort of waiting to get another GPS because there are so many different devices converging that I just might get a Garmin Nuvifone http://www8.garmin.com/nuvifone/ when they become available. The bad thing about many cell phones with GPS functionality is that many (most?) use A-GPS (assisted GPS) meaning that if you don't have cell phone coverage you also have no GPS. That concerns me, thus I want to make sure that whatever one I do get works independent of cell phone towers. What you may want to do is just start small by creating a POI file in .csv format of some of the tral heads that you are familiar with and post it here. Often times that others will get interested and post some of there own. With a synergy like that, before you know it we will have a comprehensive POI file for all sorts of trails: bicycle, horse, ATV, snowmobile, hiking, etc.