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To help those creating files on wifi locations, I came accross a site: http://www.hotspothaven.com/ which is a database of over 55,000 sites. You can download an executable to your computer which will maintain a lookup on your PC, plus you can go back to the web and update the list at any time.

The program allows you to enter either a city name or a zip code and it finds all the locations. Further, there is a button to find only FREE sites. The output can easily be copied into excel, the titles added, and then copied and pasted into batchgeocode to obtain the long/lat.

I used it to add sites in Austin, TX to my copy of the POI WiFi some free some not by capthook. Might be an interesting project for a number of people to search specific cities and gather the data. Maybe this is something that capthook would be interested in.

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Definitely a worthwhile

Definitely a worthwhile project. When I travel by car, I usually have a laptop, and sometimes I need to look something up. It would be nice to be able to punch in "Nav to nearest free wifi" sometimes.


Oustanding URL - thanks.

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I love this website, I keep finding cool links to thinks that aren't even directly related to my GPS!

Great find Maury. Thanks for

Great find Maury. Thanks for sharing.

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WiFi Locations

While it appears to be a good site, it does appear to have a "paid service" bias. I know of several long time free sites in my area that are listed on other sites that it does not display. Just my opinion.

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Another Wi-Fi Lookup Site

Jiwire (http://jiwire.com) also has a free Wi-Fi lookup site. In addition, it offers (for $25/year) a service which automatically encrypts all your inbound and outbound Internet traffic; i.e. E-mails, Banking Info, etc. (When it comes to Wi-Fi, or any wireless internet connection, a person is running a real risk of having someone 'steal' your emails, passwords, etc.)

It isn’t free, but for us it's 'cheap at twice the price' when we travel. So many unsecured wireless networks …. so many possibilities!

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you are right, there are a

you are right, there are a lot of unsecured wireless out there. I go and look for homes that aren't locked down and I can't tell you how many aren't......but it is a lot! I knock on the door and say, "Hey, I just got on your network, can I show you how to prevent that?"

I even got paid a few times. Almost got thrown in jail as well...lol

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WiFi Locations

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