Please post your projects as you work on them


It looks like we are getting some double entries on some of the Poi files. I want to make sure that we are not all working on the same stuff so if you have something you are working on please put up a post in this forum so that others don't start building the same file that you are working on. We now have two Super Walmart Store Files. I am going to compare the two and take down one of them.
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Work In Progress

Excellent point!

Ok...just to let you know that I am the finishing stages of my Texas Farmer's Market POI as a follow up to the Florida Farmer's Market POI.



Fantastic, Thank you Jim
Miss Poi

Upload updated files

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Water Tank POI

I work with water tanks and am currently making a file in google earth (because I can see them there) but don't know how to export them as a POI

Just me from the top of the tank Allen

For help with creating POIs

For help with creating POIs from Google Earth, check out this thread which is linked on the FAQs page.

Toyota dealer's in Québec

Working on a new POI file for Toyota Dealers in Québec.

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Always good to be organized.

I'm just working to correct the rest of the locations in the Hilton hotel file. Nothing else until I clear out some of the backlog on my "honey do" list. smile