A Question for People who own multiple gps units


If you own own multiple GPS units which do you use on a regular basis? Is one better for local trips and another better for your long trips?

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multiple gps units

I own 3 garmin units... i2, c330 and a nuvi 660. They all do a great job of directing me to my destination. I bought the 330 for the color and touch screen. I then purchased the 660 for the tts ,blue tooth and mp3. As far as giving directions goes, they are the same except for the tts. I believe we all buy additional units for the extra features and not because one or the other gives better directions.


augie billitier I2,c330,660

Multiple GPSr's and favorite is not Garmin

raymazanek wrote:

If you own own multiple GPS units which do you use on a regular basis? Is one better for local trips and another better for your long trips?

I use my Navigon 2100 almost exclusively, it has a great turn by turn and says street names with good diction, plus it has lifetime traffic reports

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I have a Garmin StreetPilot

I have a Garmin StreetPilot 2730, Nuvi 5000, and Dash express right now. I also recently had experience with a Garmin Nuvi 750. I also had a HP 5915 a while back that I tried. I guess I can't say that one is better for short trips and one is better on long trips. I think whatever features make one better might apply regardless of trip length. I have done quite a bit of comparing and contrasting lately and a couple of features are vital for me. They are:

-multiple destination routing

-displaying approximate address while mapping

I use my GPS to go to many different addresses in a given work day. The ability to do multiple destination routing is a must have for me. Not all Garmins have this, but several do.

I also like the 2730s ability to display the approximate street address while mapping. I find it quite handy to look at at and have it display that I am on the 6500 block of South Robert Trail.

One of the biggest strengths of the Garmin Nuvi 5000 is its large display. It does not have an internal battery, however.

The Garmin Nuvi 750 does have an internal battery and a slightly smaller screen.

If you want a very feature rich GPS, you may want to look at the Garmin StreetPilot 2820. It is not as sleek looking as the Nuvi line, but it has a lot of capability. On the other hand, not everybody wants or needs all of those features, so it really boils down to what you want.

I prefer OnStar for getting

I prefer OnStar for getting from Point A to Point B.
For the in between points ie closest rest area, next burger joint or preferred gas station I prefer The Nuvi 350. If I was to get another one I would get one with multiple way points so I could download some of the guided tours available for some cities. But of course my favorite is the "BlondeStar" She keeps me on track the best.

Nuvi 350; BlondeStar

i own a street pilot c550

i own a street pilot c550 and a nuvi 760 my wife uses the c550 and i use the 760 it's great having garmin u can use the same mounts recievers etc

Multiple Units

I have a Garmin GPS V, C550 and Etrex. Wow, guess you could call me a loyal Garmin user.. smile The C550 is the main one I use, it replaced the GPS V for road trips and getting around areas I don't know. I use the GPS V on my bike now for when I'm in areas I don't know or training on new routes. I use the Etrex for hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. I needed a nice handheld instead of lugging the bigger GPS around and plus I like the topo maps.

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I've got an older Magellan...

...that's become my loaner/spare unit. While it does have some features the Nuvi 360 doesn't, it's rarely used. The Nuvi is simply light years ahead in terms of design, internal battery, size, speed and user-friendly interface. I've yet to see another unit that compares.

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Outdoors and driving

I have two, one for driving, my Garmin 2720, and one for general outdoor use like hiking, Magellan Meridian.

These units have features such that they would not function or not function well, in the other's service.

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muti user

raymazanek wrote:

If you own own multiple GPS units which do you use on a regular basis? Is one better for local trips and another better for your long trips?

I use my 760 in my vehicle, my wife uses my 350 in hers and I use my Vista CX on my bike and when I hike. It is also good on the beach to mark the locations of shell hot spots.

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multiple gps units

I have:
Garmin legend
Garmin Nuvi 350
PDA with mapopolis blue tooth gps receiver
mio c220

I use Garmin Nuvi 350 for long trips and ems calls
the mio c220 is good for finding streets but does pick the best route. I use the PDA with mapopolis blue tooth gps receiver when the mio c220 got lost in NYC on a trip. I have also used the laptop with
Micro Soft S&T 2007 with good luck you just need
an inverter to keep laptop charged

Multiple GPS, multiple cars

I use a Nüvi 750 with the Camry, and I've used a Nüvi 350 with the Lumina. Now that I've solt the Lumina to my son, I've furloughed the 350.

Having moved to Colorado, I'm in a market for a winter-time, 4x4, 4-wheel-ABS vehicle that can handle the city snow better than the Camry. I'll use the 350 when I get a "beater truck."

I also take the 350 when I fly, and use it with a rental. That way, I only have to pack one mount, and leave the other mount behind.

nüvi 750 & 760


I owned 3 GPS, two c340, one Nuvi 660

First c340 was stolen.
Second c340 was borrowed (a.k.a. confiscated) by my college kid

Now, the Nuvi 660 is permanently welded, glued or whatever so no one can take it from me. It's all mine. smile

Multiple GPS Units

I currently have three GPS units. My primary unit is a Garmin 660 which I use in my pickup (everyone in Texas has a pickup). I purchased this model for several reasons: It has wideangle, it came with a traffic transmitter, as well as bluetooth. I drive approximately 2,500 to 3,000 miles per week, and have to find addresses in different cities all times of day and night... the Garmin 660 fits these needs perfectly.

I purchased a Garmin 360 for my wife. She seldom drove more than a couple of miles from home, because of the fear of getting lost. Since I gave her the 360 she has the confidence to drive herself to the mall, doctors appointments, beauty shop, etc. Because she doesn't like to multi-task while driving, I choose the 360 because it does have blue tooth, which is compatible with the auto-answer feature of her cell phone.

The Garmin III Plus, which I purchased many years ago, has been transferred from pickup to my motorcycle. I don't need it to find addresses, I just need it to find my way home after a day's ride down one country road and then another, and yet another.

My first GPS was an early Magellan. It didn't show any streets, just an arrow that pointed to the lat/lon you entered. In 1996 you would have needed one of these if you were looking for Rue St. in Quebec. Few Texans, but most Canadians will know what I mean.


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I started with a handheld Magelian. Then went to the c330 and the Nuvi 650. I also have GPS on the Blackberry. I use the handheld when I go fishing. C330 in the family buggy. 650 in my company car and the Blackberry when with someone else that does not have a GPS. They all do about the same thing.

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i like my c550 until the

i like my c550 until the battery dies. then i use the 330 as a backup. the 550 locates satellites quicker it seems.

Multiple GPS

I have 2 Garmin, Etrex, C330 and nuvi 250w, they are all very good.
I replace my c330 by the nuvy 250w for the size, the nuvi goes in my shirt packet when I leave the vehicule.

Claude using Garmin c330,Nuvi 250W and a Etrex venture Cx. Member #2602