Southwest Campgrounds


I recently loaded Southwest Campgrounds onto my Zumo- only one POI came up. I'm new at this technology, but have not had trouble loading other POI's from "the factory".

Newk, if you see this can you help me get your info loaded correctly? I'm headed on a 2 week motorcycle camping trip in 2 weeks (5th of July) and would like to use your POI listing.

Thanks in advance.



I loaded it to my Zumo without any problems. 3000+ locations loaded and the 50 closest to me (which is 1300 miles away) show on my unit. When you get to the end of the POI Loader screens, do you get the "success" message?

Same problem, only the first site


Great file, but I downloaded the whole file and all the sites are there, but only one is displayed by my Garmin 650. What's wrong?

I've downloaded several other files w/o a problem.