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Just to let you know, it is spelled San Francisco not San Fransisco. I ought to know, my great grandfather moved here in 1853!


oops, getting it all corrected. Miss Poi needs to pay more attention to her spelling.

Miss Poi

how do i visit the golden

how do i visit the golden gate bridge where there's free parking and u can walk on the bridge? i randomly drove the local streets last year (in rental car w/o gps) while visiting sf and manged to take the wrong turn and go to crissy field. ended up taking another wrong right turn and drove up some hills to the top of the hill and then ended up far away from the foot of the bridge. was busy that day so didn't try to get the generic "i'm walking across the golden gate bridge" photo. Not sure if there's a particular address/coordinate for that free parking lot. and also, i can't seem to download the sf attractions file.

here's list of attractions

here's list of attractions for sf:

there's way too many to include in an sf file..but some of the biggies should be included. some of the smaller shops should be left out.

two actual locations burger king sf

(-122.41311,37.77529)9th, Howard;(-122.40400,37.74421) bayshore. I go to these - and I think that if the location of the symbol is the actual location then it will be more visible. BUT, I'm very new to this and don't know if it will screw up the navigation to the site. I also worry about stepping on the author's toes by suggesting changes to the already established data base. Please let me know.

two actual locations burger king sf

(-122.41424,37.80811)Fisherman's Wharf another favorite burger king

how do i visit the golden

1)park in dirt parking just east of main parking area.
2)take 38 bus west from union square to park presidio blvd. take 28 bus to south end of bridge.

I measured the bridge with a roll-a-tape. from south parking to the bathrooms on the north side AND back to car = 3.81 miles.

HOWEVER If you take the 38 28 buses then it is only a little farther to walk to sausalito and take the ferry back. I call this "Walt's Walk"
It is 4.3 miles from bus 28 across the bridge down the bike path down the road to the ferry dock.