Multiple GPS owners


How many do you have and what make?

I have 4, all Garmin. It's not that I use them all anymore, but when I've upgraded I have kept the older model.

I have, an original Garmin Street Pilot, the one with the orange monochromatic screen and no auto routing. I also have a Garmin iQue 3600 which I absolutely love, (except for the dim screen) & a Garmin Street Pilot 2720 and a Garmin GPS 12 handheld.

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multiple gps...

Let's see... There's an old Trimble SVee6 in the closet (only speaks TSIP) that I used to use for ham radio stuff. A Garmin 45 with a very flaky display, at least one Moto Encore, and then some USB based GPS hockey pucks that only speak NMEA protocols; those are for ham stuff.

The only ones with interfaces usable by normal humans are the Nuvi 660 and the 45.

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Different Brands

Only own a Mag Crossover, but have setup/used/supported Garmin 260s, 250s, 330, 530, Tomtom XL
Liked the interface on the Tomtom, liked the accuracy of the Garmins, but found the menus a bit cumbersome. really love their web support.
The Crossover does the job and like its text to voice and screen compared to others.
I use all of these in combo with Google Maps when looking for other info like gas prices, and have several POI files I use particularly for hotels and restaurants.
Found all these units/programs have a lot of hidden features that are not self evident and surprise myself regularly discovering a new feature or trick.
If Magellan had decent support or documentation, I would give it a strong vote. But it doesn't so I wont. Buying new today it would probably be a 260/360 Garmin

Multiple gps receivers (what I use one of them for)

Mine are in my signature, I have had a GPS since 1991.
and have used my hand held sport for years geocaching.

Want to know how to geocache? It's a blast.


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Magellan I use when hiking and my Garmin for auto travel - specifics in signature

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multiple units

I only currently own two, which are listed in my sig. Originally I owned a GPSMAP 76Cs but sold it to get the 76CSx. I bought the nüvi for work and for the bluetooth and media player functions.

I briefly owned a Garmin 45 which I won in a raffle. I sold it on eBay and put the money toward an eTrex Legend HCx as a gift for a friend so he could geocache with his young son.

GPSMAP 76CSx - nüvi 760 - nüvi 200 - GPSMAP 78S

Two too

Or should I add one?

Installed Garmin's Mobile application on the great what little I've played with it.

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Two, both Garmins...

Nuvi 260 and Nuvi 750

Garmin on Blackberry

kch50428 wrote:

Or should I add one?

Installed Garmin's Mobile application on the great what little I've played with it.

Hey Keith, do you happen to have a link for that and does it have a cost per month??

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3 Garmin

I own 3, C330, Nuvi 250W and a venture Cx,
The one I use most is the Nuvi 250W.

Claude using Garmin c330,Nuvi 250W and a Etrex venture Cx. Member #2602

Garmn on BB -- It's a one-time cost - $99 - only monthly cost would be whatever your BB service cost is, and I would not get it without an unlimited data plan.

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Mio 310X & Nuvi 350

Got a Mio 310X during Black Friday in 06. Then a Nuvi 350 in Jan 07. Use mostly the Nuvi.
I think the Mio 310X's low sale price started a landslide in lowering GPS prices. Prior, the prices seem to have been pretty stable. But now, look at all the low price GPSs.

HarveyS - Nuvi 350

I've got a couple

Starting from my most recent to my older automotive units (that I still own):

1. Honda Navi (on 2008 Goldwing)
2. Nuvi 680
3. Nuvi 660
4. Street Pilot 2720

Afloat I have a Raymarine E-series system.


All Garmins

I have three. An old GPS 12 that I bought in the '90s (now used as a speedometer on the mountain bike). I have a GPS V that I love except for the limited storage. I recently puchased a Nuvi 750. I like the 750 but there is many things the GPS V will do that the Nuvi will not.


My original IIMorrow Apollo gps I used in my airplane, I think it was mid 80's, (had been using Loran before that),It's relegated to the closet now; then Garmin GPS-V, which I still use in work truck and motorcycle; and newest Nuvi 780. The GPS-V has some features that I wish they'd left in the Nuvi.

Nuvi 780, GPSV, IIMorrow Apollo Precedus

Just two: Garmin GPS

Just two:

Garmin GPS III
Nuvi 350

I use both. My vintage '97 GPS III still is great rugged design and has routing features not in my Nuvi 350. The map on the GPS III well only has some interstates

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Just two

I have a trusty GPSmap 76S that goes everywhere that I go fishing. I used it a lot in my vehicle but then saw a demo of the Nuvi range and was hooked again. The Nuvi 260 is one sweet unit.

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How Many

Zumo 550, Nuvi 660 (x2), and an OLD Magellan Platinum (handheld and still works).

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Garmin III+ that is used

Garmin III+ that is used only as a NMEA source for ham radio these days.

Garmin V for camping, canoing, geocaching, and any other handheld/outdoors needs.

Garmin nuvi 750 that has a pretty screen, but man Garmin is crippling these new devices, I can't believe the 750 can't interface with nRoute.

Multiple GPS owners

Garmin Foretrex 101, 2610, 2820, and a Lowrance iFinder Hunt. I did have a Street Pilot III and a Lowrance Eagle MapGuide Pro that I gave to my son.

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Two Garmins

as shown below.

nüvi 750 & 760


One for getting to the lake the other for tracking on the lake and viewing hot spots on computer grin

Garmin-Nuvi 855, 200W, etrex vista