Off to Hawaii


I'm off for two vacation to the islands. I most likely will not have computer access during that time.

Everyone have fun while I'm gone.

: )


Should be nice and warm there right now...

I definitely miss the food, people, and weather there...

Have a good trip!

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Have a great time and check

Have a great time and check out my Hawaii vacation POI.

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have fun

Have a nice trip, we will miss you!!

Miss POI


Ummm Hawaii. Have a wonderful time! smile

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I wish

I wish I was going with you MM. I haven't been back to Hawaii since I moved from there in 1984.
Have a great time!

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sosme time back someone asked about gps working in hawaii. Just got back from Oahu after 30 days of vacation and testing my 650 gps. Worked great almost all the time only had two problems with it. Turned it on several times at Makaha beach out in the open and it could not find west, all other directions but not that ne. SEcond problem tried to locate walmart in Millani town, on makaimoimo dr. it sent me to hakamoa place, about 15 blocks away. on the third try the lady was not to happy to see me in her drive way again and said she would call police, I said it,s not me but jack did she was not impressed. All in all it did work great and in 1500 miles I figure I saved about a full tank of gas.

Have fun! And I'll be off

Have fun! And I'll be off to the Philippines tomorrow. Bringing the GPSr with me see how the free Philippines map work out.

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