Why are people so stupid!?? (nav system incidents)


From "News of the Wierd":

Navigation System On, Brain Off: Brad Adams, 52, crashed his charter bus (carrying two dozen high school softball players, who had to be sent to a hospital) into a pedestrian bridge in Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum in April (bus: 11 feet, 8 inches high; bridge, 9 feet, 0 inches). Adams said he missed warning signs because he was busy following the navigation system. [Seattle Times, 4-17-08]

Five days after that, in King's Lynn, England, a Streamline taxi minibus had to be pulled from the River Nar after the driver, who said he was obediently following the navigation system instructions, drove straight into the water. [Lynn News, 4-23-08]

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Stupid?? Obedient for

Stupid?? Obedient for sure!
Yikes, I just feel sorry for their passengers.


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So that big clear rectangular thing in front of you is a windshield...it's clear for a reason. Open your eyes and look at the big world out there! laugh out loud razz

It takes all kinds I guess.

If only drivers followed the

If only drivers followed the pilot's mantra...

"Keep your head on a swivel"


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