My new TomTom 720 Problem


I own a Tom Tom 720 and a Garmin C550, I live in Tenn. and I entered my sons address to Shreveport LA into both units, The Tom Tom said it was 598 and the Garmin said 468 or so ?

I took them both on a road trip 80 miles south marking down the miles predicted by both units and Tom Tom was about 10 miles further, What I found was Tom Tom was taking a different route than the Garmin which is why the miles where higher?
I have tried it over & over going to different locations
with the same problem, with gas prices so high, I can use TomTom in good faith,

Try this for your self, I went to BestBuy and did the same thing with Garmin's and TomToms ( top of the line, and it's the same thing? TomTom is routing the long way around,
Yes I have them both set to Fastest route???

Is there any fixes known?

Re: 720 Problem

I own a One NE myself, however, it could be the maps - Tele Atlas vs. Nav Teq and/or how the processor/routing software works within the two units.

Try here for more answers:


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TomTom Routing

If in Berkeley or Oakland, CA and you ask TomTom for directions to San Francisco, it will take you through San Jose or Vallejo!!! It does not cross the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge. It takes a 20 minute drive and makes it a 90 minute drive. The TomTom people tell me there is nothing I can do, because that is way the unit is programmed.
I have had nothing but problems with TomTom and have replaced it with a Garmin StreetPilot and it is right on and dead accurate with the new 2009 software. Their customer service reps have been courteous and tried to be helpful, but have failed to make TomTom a good GPS experience for me.