Light camera notification automatic?


I downloaded the red light camera notification file to a SD expansion card using the POI loader. I downloaded it using the SD card slot on my computer then put it into my Garman C330 GPS device. Has anyone with a C330 used this data. I read a posting that to access it via the GPS that you go to Where to?>>Extras. My C330 has no "Extras" as an option, therefore I'm wondering if the data will be accepted and integrate to provide automatic alerts when approaching a known red light camera.

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re: Light camdra notification automatic?

From your description, I'm not sure if you used Garmin's Poi loader to load the file onto your Garmin. You should download the file to your computer and then use POI Loader to load it onto the SD card. This can be done either with the GPS connected to the computer with the SD cards inside or with the SD card in a slot on your computer. POI Loader converts the file to the proper format for your GPS. See link under FAQ's: .

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Are you sure you don't have

Are you sure you don't have "Extras"?

On the "Where to?" screen, did you touch the arrows to see more categories?

RE: Light camera notification automatic?

I initially downloaded directly to the SD card but when the Garmin POI loader didnt' recognize it I read a little deeper and saved the file on the SD card to a different location (C:drive). Then when I ran the POI loader it recognized it and placed an (apparently) readable copy of the file back to the SD card which I then placed in the C330 unit. All this I had done prior to writing the original question. I imagine that it will work OK. Thanks for your comments.


After "Where to?" screen, I have Address, Food, Lodging, My Locations, Fuel, Spell Name, Intersections, Attractions, Shopping, Parking, Entertainment, Recreation, Community, City, Browse Map, Hospitals, Transit, Auto Services.
No Extras & I just bought this C330 4 days ago.


You said on another persons question: "Not sure if this is your question, but the POI's are located under Where to>Extras>Poi Locations."
I don't have this "Extras" and therefore don't have "POI Locations" either. Do you think I have a corrupted system? Or is "Extras" something that isn't available on Garmin C330's?

Transfer POIs to C330 via USB

c330 is one of the older Garmin models that works with POIs. It can store POIs using internal memory, but it cannot read POIs from SD card.

You'll need to connect c330 to your computer via USB and transfer POIs directly to the c330. They should show up and work just fine when they're transferred in this fashion.

(I've attached a link to a related FAQ to the start of this discussion thread.)


Transfer POIs to C330 via USB

It did show up after transferring as you stated. Do you know what use the SD expansion card slot is if the unit can't read data from it? Or is it that POI-factory type data is different from other compatible data for the Garmin C330? In other words, are there some other types of data that the C330 unit can use from the SD card?

C330 and SD card

Sorry, I forgot it was a C330 that you had. In any case, there is another discussion thread about the SD card that might help you:

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I am not sure but only

I am not sure but only taking a guess, you might be able to load mp3's, other .jpg's; again its only a guess because I am not aware of the capabilities of your unit.

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