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HI Miss POI!!!! Can you lead me in the right direction please...I don't have a problem downloading and putting POI's on my GPS. I am having problems understanding how to include the alerts and Icon's. I am pretty savvy on the computer and have read several posts but this one is obviously not my cup of tea...


Bobby....Garmin 2450LM


farriser, can you post your question in a separate thread so we don't mess this one up with off-topic stuff?

I have it moved now;)

I have it moved now;)

You will want to look at the faq area to find those answers;)
Miss POI

Do as Miss POI says ...

Can you tell us exactly where you are having problems?

For alerts, you can have the default alert tone or a Custom Alert sound. Are you having trouble setting the alert or associating the sound? Or both?

Regular POIs don't alert by default. You must SET an alert. The links that Miss POI provided show you how.

The last link that Miss POI provided describes installing custom icons.

Please let us know what else you need help with.

Thanks I will review the

Thanks I will review the links she shows. FYI I can download the custom POI's is associating the alerts with them...

Bobby....Garmin 2450LM