Garmin Alerts | How do I set alerts with POI Loader?


Alert settings are made as you transfer POI files to your GPS or memory card with POI Loader.

Default Alert Settings

POI Loader automatically sets distance alerts for POI files with certain keywords in their file name.

Keywords include: camera, gatso, redlight, safety, specs, speed

Speed alerts will be set when a file name includes numeric digits (e.g., "schoolzone20", "I-95 overpasses", etc.). POI Loader interprets any number in the file name as speed information (number must be less than 125).

Manual Alert Settings

You can also set alerts manually (or override the defaults) by choosing the "manual mode" in POI Loader. In manual mode, POI Loader will show a page with speed and distance settings for each POI file.

Note, a .gpx file proximity alert for a POI will take precedence over “Manual” mode of POI Loader.

Alerts for Individual POI Locations

Alerts can also be attached to individual locations in a POI file.

In CSV files, speed alerts can be set by adding @30 (any number preceeded by an @) to the end of the name field (column 3).

GPX files also include special tags for setting speed and distance alerts.

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