Suction cup won't stay stuck!


the windshield suction cup will not stay stuck for very long.

is the something I can do to make it stick longer?

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Mine falls off all the time

Mine falls off all the time when it gets really hot outside. When it is cool. No problems. I wish there were more after market options out there.

Bean bag'

Don't you think this subject has been beaten to death enough? Here are the final three solutions.

1. Quit complaning and let it keep falling off.

2. Get a bean bag (friction mount)

3. Get rid of the GPS...


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clean the spot on the window

clean the spot on the window and the suction cup with rubbing alcohol

I'm the opposite

schupaul wrote:

Mine falls off all the time when it gets really hot outside. When it is cool. No problems. I wish there were more after market options out there.

I suggest you go see a Doctor.

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Bean bag'

I like your three options. one should work real well.

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Spit in it

bugdude wrote:

the windshield suction cup will not stay stuck for very long.

is the something I can do to make it stick longer?

I know, I know, some are going to comeback with YUCK or how disgusting.... It just needs to be wet when you apply it so if water isn't available or any other type of moisture.... go with what nature gave you: spit in it and then clean it off later.

I Agree

The friction mount is the best thing out there: stays put and hides easily.


Suction Cup

If you go back and read this whole thread I think you will find more than enough different ways to try and make your suction cup stick. This is one that is about beat to death. Please don't beat me up again with this is open forum. Just my comment.

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I don't mount my GPS in the window, but do have a similar problem with my radar detector. The answer, as stated above (well, one of the many answers) was to coat the back of the cups with water, then press down hard to secure it to the windshield. Eventually I did reach a point with my old detector the cups lost suction, but I went to a crafts store and found replacements for a buck or so for 2.

Bean bag

Bean bag is the answer


webazoid wrote:

i'd be wary of the bean bag/gps slamming into passenger/driver's face if car came to sudden stop.

This cannot happen, even if the forces were reversed. The beanbag will not move when you slam on the brakes. I have used one for seven years, including with a Streetpilot, which weighed more than 5 times what the Nuvis weigh.

GPS falls off windshield

Old thread, but I'm currently having this issue.
Seems the newer Nuvi's (2460, 2595 etc) are considerably heavier than the original Nuvi's and the suction cups have gotten SMALLER instead of LARGER?!?

I drilled a 1/16 hole in my mount and attached a miniature bungee cord from that to the mirror so now when it falls, the bungee catches it so it doesn't hit just goes....BOING...BOING a few times then dangles there until I can restick it.

But about a driving hazard!!!! Trying to remount that thing to the windshield in traffic is NOT safe!!!

They should make those suction cups larger and stronger. I used to drive for weeks with the larger suction cups and never had a Nuvi fall off the windshield. The new suction cups are just too cheap. Too small and made of poor materials for the job IMO.

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they don't suck

Just get over it. Garmin suction mounts are just poorly made. After some time of use they just don't hold enough suction. If you look closer you will see cracks on rubber plate, that touches windshield. It gets worse if you often take off suction cup from windshield.

If you want solution just buy new suction cap that works with your mount.

I've seen this same issue

I've seen this same issue discussed several times. I've been through a couple suction cup mounts for my Garmin gps and recently tried this kit that "repairs" them. It doesn't really repair them but if you have an old mount that no longer works, it will stick your suction cup to the windshield using a protective barrier. I've had mount on for around two months now without it falling off. The kit is call Stickysuc. You can get it at Amazon for less than 10 bucks. I recommend cleaning the windshield very well with glass cleaner first. Use the biggest barrier that comes with the kit and make sure the it is smooth when you install it.

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I also had problems with the suction cup on my 1450 we do a lot of garage sailing an I couldn't believe my eyes a bean bag mount from Garmin for a different model that works great for my cell phone, then I discovered if I pop the ball off the back the one for my 1450 it fit great and it only cost me $3 so keep your eyes open at swap meets and the like never can tell .


grin Fleer's Double Bubble works

Under no circumstances whatsoever, will logic and common sense be tolerated.

Suction cups need to

Suction cups need to periodically be replaced. As mentioned they will stick longer if windshield is very clean when attaching. Also as mentioned, the bean bag mounts that sit on dash work very well and is what I use.

do what most people are doing

buster74985 wrote:

Get a new window.

nowadays, switch to the smartphone and use google maps


I got a bean bag mount from K-Mart. Works great, and you don't have the tell-tale circle on you windshield that says you have something worth stealing in your car.

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FWIW: clear packing tape works great indoors!

I've found that first sticking clear packing tape to surfaces does a great job in ensuring that it is smooth enough for the suction cup to get a good grip.

Not sure how the heat will impact the adhesion, though, since I've only tried this indoors...

Won't stay stuck

Just put some saliva on it with your finger. Or water I guess. I use my Garmin everyday at work. If it's dry it will come off evently.

Hope it helps.

The rubber might be damaged.

The rubber might be damaged. Try to moisten the cup.


Just lick it!

Just lick it!

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phranc wrote:

Just lick it!

Just Lick it good (Singing)

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I also use....

rubbing alcohol as it evaporates quickly.

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I think the best bet is to get rid of it and get a bean bag. No worries about sticking or falling off..

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If you try to attach the suction cup on a curved part of the windshield, it will not stay for long, or not at all, depending on the amount of curvature. A second possibility, already mentioned, is the rubber suction cup has lost some of its flexibility and will not conform to the shape of the windshield. Best option is to get the beanbag. That's what I did, mainly because the state of Maryland has a law against sticking objects to the windshield.

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Proclip is amazing

Proclip is amazing

Clean windshield

and find the flattest place with slightest angle

Suction cup mount

Best solution for suction cup falling off is bean bag mount. I am sold on mine. Works superbly.


Falling off

I use the dashboard mount since I like the machine closer to me. I put a little mineral oil on my finger and rub it on the mount when it falls off. I keep the mineral oil in a pill bottle in the cup holder.


I thought they were so cheap now nobody would go to the trouble to steal them.

Depends upon where you park and the motivation of criminal ...

Metroparker wrote:

I thought they were so cheap now nobody would go to the trouble to steal them.

The professionals may not bother for a low value GPS but I know someone who had a car broken into for a stuffed animal.

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