SD limit on Nuvi 360??


Just purchased a 360 - should arrive any day. Plan to use SD slot for MP3 files - question, is there any limit on the size of the SD card? I'd like to spring for a 4GB card but this site indicates a 1GB limit

This is the first I have read about a limit. (I did a search here but did not turn up anything) Anyone using a 2 or 4GB card?


Have a 4GB Card works fine.

Have a 4GB Card works fine. Transcend 150x
Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource

Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource; Cingular Treo 650

Nuvi 360 and Sandisk 2GB Card

I have a 360 and am using the Sandisk 2GB SD Card, no problems. One thing to note, ensure the card is formatted in FAT. I have seen some info floating on the web about formatting your card to FAT32. I called Garmin support, they said FAT is the only supported format. Also, only the single speed SD cards are supported. You will see cards that say Ultra Speed..., they are not officially supported.

P.S. When you insert your SD card and connect your nuvi, under My Computer you should get another drive letter labeled "Nuvi SD Card". If this does not show (prompted call to Garmin support), you have to change the drive letter assignment under the drive manager (right click on my computer, select manage, click on drive management)

Nuvi 360
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Thanks for the info...

I received the 360 today - so far, very impressed! Beyond navigation - hands free is awesome with my RAZR, MP3 playback via headphone jack/cassette interface is much better then I expected (better then FM transmitter?)

I've tested an old 256kb SD card with Nuvi and worked as you described - played/browsed seamlessly if your music is tagged properly - now I need to up the ante with a 4GB card (plus the 600MBish on the Nuvi)

Thanks for the help - great forum!


music playback

I wanted to get a SD card for music, but with the preset music, I have problems playing it. I will start 1 file and then it stops. I have to select the next song I want to hear. It discouraged me from uploading songs and investing in a card since the software looks icky. Am I missing a setting or is this the case for playing music? I don't know how to create a playlist and since I don't have a SD card, I'm not willing to purchase one unless the music player is more user-friendly. How are you using the music and what am I missing? Thanks!!

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I have a Garmin 7500 and it

I have a Garmin 7500 and it will take a 2GB SD card.


Music Playback

I have found the lack of features in the Nuvi 360 too; but there are options.

I use a 2GB SD card with music. If you point the music player in the Nuvi to the SD card you can browse via All Music, Album, Artist, etc. If you choose All Music you can select the "Play All" button.

Second option is to use your music player of choice on your computer (Windows Media Player, iTunes) and create a play list in the .m3u format. The Nuvi will recognize only this type of play list. Once you create your play list, copy the music and play list file to the SD card or internal storage.

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)