Are Virginia cams still active?


I have found quite a few cameras in Virginia but I have not posted them yet because I have also found a few reports that give the impression that all the cameras were turned off.
So if there is anyone out there living in Virginia please let me know what is happening so I can get this loaded if the cameras are operational.
miss poi

Thats what I have heard too

Thats what I have heard too ..

re: Are Virginia cams still active?

Well I can say with visual verification that the red-light cams have off since July 1, 2005. For those in doubt, here is a link to the Washington Post--

Virginia Cams used differently now?

Great article, Jazzy. Thanks.

One question remains for those of us in Northern Virginia, though. The police did not take these cameras down, and appear to be using them now to find "hot spots" that they can stake out.

"We're going to keep the cameras in place," said the assistant commander of the traffic division in Fairfax. (They use cameras at 15 intersections.) "We're going to monitor . . . whether we get a spike in red light violations and crashes."

So you may still want to be extra diligent around these areas.

Here in Virginia Beach I

Here in Virginia Beach I still see them up, big brother watching...

Keep those VA cam POIs alive. Here's why --

Just saw this in the Washington Post --

RICHMOND, Feb. 5 -- The House of Delegates gave preliminary approval Monday to a measure that would allow local governments to use cameras to catch drivers who run red lights -- a victory for safety advocates who have long battled the Virginia General Assembly's distaste for regulation.

The photo enforcement measure would allow any county, city or town in Virginia with a population of at least 10,000 to install cameras to enforce traffic signal laws. It would replace an experimental program that expired in 2005 in six Northern Virginia communities and Virginia Beach.

I will keep my eye out for

I will keep my eye out for more news on this area and get the locations of any future cameras in the database as soon as I hear something.

Miss Poi

Yes, Virginia there is no Santa Claus ...

As reported in today's Washington Post, red light cameras are good to go ...

RICHMOND, Feb. 20 -- The Virginia General Assembly will allow local governments to set up cameras to catch drivers who run red lights, renewing a program that safety advocates say reduces accidents and aggressive driving.

The Senate voted 30 to 10 Tuesday to approve a bill that would let towns, cities and counties with populations of 10,000 or more install photo-monitoring systems at intersections with traffic signals. The House has already approved the measure, and Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) has said he will sign it.

And here we go again

Va Beach, Alexandria, and City of Fairfax are ready to utilize what they have once it is a go....

since I still have those

since I still have those locations I will go ahead and add them to the database. Thanks for keeping updated.

Miss Poi

VA red light cams

I recently read newspaper articles stating that re-instituting the red light cameras was approved by the State House -- nothing yet about the State Senate, but it seems like it's too lucrative for the local governments to leave alone for too much longer.