Red Light Updates


I sucessfully downloaded the red light cameras. My question is say that my area adds my cameras. Do I have to download the complete file again? And will this take up unecessary space in the Garmin 530 memory? Or what is the best way to update this file????

and is the same as the nuvi

and is the same as the nuvi 660 do you have to keep overlaoding or does it replace know lat/long?


When you get an updated file, just use POI Loader to transfer it to your GPS. POI Loader automatically replaces (removes) the old file on your GPS when you load the new one.



I always let the Red Light Poi install directly into the gps unit. but all other Poi's i let them install into a memory card, i dont know if that makes any difference as far as the speed of letting you know about the redlight ahead or not.

it does for my c530

it does for my c530