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My new RL Cams and School Zones all are in working order, except for one school. It is on a straight of way highway. Going North I don't get the announcement until I am directly in front of the school. Going South, I get my announcement the 1200 feet I ask for, prior to getting to the school. What will cause this? BTW, the school is on the East side of the road if that makes a difference.

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First, is there a different

First, is there a different way you upload all your POI? If no,

Second, is this faulty POI on the same file as the other school zone? if yes,

Check if the fault POI has number on the name, if yes it maybe too small or you can just remove the number in the name.


all clean. No numbers on the name(s). All (23)files were loaded at the same time in one file. I'm going to make a school TourGuide file solve that problem.

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You probably have to go

You probably have to go further to get to the alert. In other words, when you are going south, you only have 1000 ft worth of road to travel, so it alerts. However, going north, it takes 1600 ft of road to get to it, so it never alerts. I have found this to be the case with mine. So what did I do to fix? I made sure that the poi was in the middle of the road, not on one side or the other, hopes this helps.

Of course, I don't understand why it even alerts if you aren't on the same road of the POI, perhaps I missed something.

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